TRT Speech Labs

Improving communication through bio-inspired algorithms


Hello Audrey

Hello Audrey by TRT Speech Labs is a secured, virtual environment that allows Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Therapists to remotely monitor their patients prior to and in between episodes of treatment. Combined with proprietary, signal processing machine learning, Hello Audrey is a fundamentally different approach to assist in treating people with speech disorders.

Improve Patient Outcomes

More involvement by the patient means a better therapeutic experience for the patient.

Increase Communication

Interact with patients and caregivers digitally with immediate feedback and direction.

Reduce Paperwork

Providers can rate, analyze, and comment electronically reducing the amount of paperwork a provider sees on a daily basis.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring will allow for Speech Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists to successfully incorporate digital tools that complement their skill sets and enhance treatments. It's a first step on a path where technology helps providers put down their pens and lift up their patients.

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